roofing system

Residential Roof Repair Cost

People often ask us: “why do roof systems cost so much?  I mean really, it is just a bunch of guys up on a roof nailing in cheap shingles, isn’t it?”

The answer is… you get what you pay for.  If you hire a few guys to rip off and then replace your shingles it shouldn’t cost you much but then again do not expect your roof to last longer than a few years. They are not ensuring the roof system is properly balanced.

Roofing systems and good quality workmanship is what you are paying for when you do it right.  A proper roof system consists of a roof deck, proper insulation, ventilation, flashings, Ice and water shield and then the shingles.  Then part two is the skills and expertise to make sure everything is placed in properly, flashed, and sealed.

It doesn’t end there either!  To extend and preserve the life of your roof you should have maintenance done annually. Since most people never get up on their roof it is a good idea to get an expert who can assess what is going on to avoid future leaks